It’s the last quarter of the year, we are coming out of covid and we are trying to find our rhythm on social media.

I wanted to record this show to share with you what is working on each social network right now. 

So this is a solo show and it’s going to be very tactical. 

Coming up in this episode:

  • > Facebook’s features you should priorities
  • > Why you should re-think your Twitter strategy
  • > Instagram’s growing and you can grow your account too
  • > The LinkedIn Leadership opportunity
  • > Why TikTok needs you and why you should take it seriously
  • > YouTube and it’s continued impact on website traffic and reputation
  • > We hear from Andy Lambert, CEO of ContentCal on what the social networks are prioritising right now!

It’s the last quarter of the year, we are coming out of covid and we are trying to find our rhythm on social media. | #PublicSectorMarketingShow #SocialMedia #SocialGov #SocialMediaTrendsClick To Tweet

Joanne’s Column: What's Working Now On The Social Networks?

Facebook reviewed 100 campaigns and here are 5 trends that they are looking for us to replicate.

5 Trends

  1. Build inclusively
  2. Create edutainment
  3. Sell with ideas
  4. Speak platform language
  5. Reward self-discovery

7 Tactics To Test

  1. Short Mobile Video 
  2. Livestreaming 
  3. Social Audio 
  4. Video Ad Funnels 
  5. Conversion Testing 
  6. Lead Magnet Method 
  7. Deep Dive Into Insights 

Consulting: Success on Social Media is Not Just More Likes!

A common error in social media marketing is striving for more likes or followers. 

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t be, but if this is your starting point then you are going to to mess up on your strategy and not be that successful online. 

Here’s your first 3 steps. 

  1. Set goals and KPIs
  2. Be clear on your audiene and their hopes, desires and needs 
  3. Commit to great content and clarity of communications

Now that we have that established, I want to go deeper into what’s working on each of the main social networks. These are the five social networks I will be focusing on during our new Social Media Bootcamp series. Live practical and how-to classes going straight into what is working on each social network. Each workshop comes with your mini channel plan.

  1. Facebook 
  2. Instagram 
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn 
  5. TikTok

Interview | Andy Lambert, CEO ContentCal

In this episode, we hear from Andy Lambert of ContentCal who delivered a hear and now social media landscape view at Day 2 of the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit.



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