The State of Social Media



The State of Social Media in the Public Sector report, an analysis of the social media footprint of Ireland’s 330 public sector bodies.

The first ever study of how public sector and Government in Ireland use social media.

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The first study of Ireland’s public sector on social media has been carried out. The report captures and analysed the social media activity of 330 organisations across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube over a 28-day period.

Public sector marketing author, and founder of publicsectormarketingpros.comJoanne Sweeney, launched the report to get concrete evidence of the state of social media play.

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Global public sector communications expert, Joanne Sweeney has compiled her extensive report, which is available to you here.

Report details the most successful social media accounts across Ireland’s public sector

  • • Author and practitioner, Joanne Sweeney compiles first-ever analysis of Ireland’s public sector social media footprint
  • • 54-page report analysis of 330 public sector organisations across six social networks
  • • ‘The Ireland Sample’ provides other nations a benchmark for social media success
  • • Ireland’s most successful public sector agencies on social media are Tourism Ireland, RTÉ and An Garda Síochána
  • • Tables of metrics that matter show the importance of public engagement
  • • First benchmark of engagement rates for main public sector social networks
  • • 10% of 330 public sector bodies analysed have no social footprint

The report profiles 330 of Ireland’s public sector bodies, and their social media footprint.

Vanity metrics, such as numbers of followers and likes, are illustrated but the report takes an in-depth look at engagement metrics which tell a richer story, essentially how easy it for our governing bodies to communicate with the public, and vice versa.

It’s not really about winners or losers

Make no mistake, the report has been published as an aid to creating seamless integrated public sector communications and is in no way a winners and losers list. Although some organisations have been shown to have high-ranking ratings across the board, Joanne is keen to point out this is merely a way to benchmark progress and help organisations develop a results-driven social media strategy,

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The Deep Dive Analysis

The Deep Dive Analysis involves the following:

Accessing your Twitter account (temporarily) so I can look at how it is performing on a range of metrics (those covered in my national report, but I should also be able to get more granular data with full access).


Reviewing top performing Tweets and why


A 12-month analysis (The State of Social Media report was a 28-day snapshot)

Taking one similar public sector organisation to you and doing a comparative analysis, seeing how you compare.

A Complete list of recommendations which you can bring into your 2019 social media strategy.

I will also create a suggested monthly social media calendar for you. I would also develop a plan for recommending other social networks especially Facebook and YouTube.

I will present the findings on a one-hour video call.


Why do you need The Deep Dive Analysis:

It provides a comprehensive and in-depth dive into your social media profiles, that will highlight areas of success and  areas that need work

It provides a benchmark, so progress can be tracked year on year

You will receive personal recommendations form the Global Public Sector Communications Leader to help you master your strategy

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Global public sector communications expert, Joanne Sweeney.

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