Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit
Meet Our Speakers
The Round Room at the Mansion House, Dublin
Thursday 14th June | 8:30am-4:30pm
With the spotlight firmly on the marketing and communications professionals within Ireland’s public sector, we introduce our speakers. 
It’s clear that we have rounded up an impressive agenda of innovators who will take to the Summit stage:
  •  to inspire you
  •  motivate you 
  •  re-frame your thinking around digital communications  
  •  but most of all support you on your journey through Digital Transformation 
Ladies and gentlemen, please be up-standing (at your desk) for the Public Sector Digital Marketing keynote presenters, case study innovators and expert panellists.
Marie Davis 
Head of Google Marketing Solutions, Google Ireland 
Marie joined Google in 2005, working as a Senior Sales Account Manager for the UK and Ireland. She previously worked as a Sales Manager for Small and Medium Businesses in the UK market before moving to take up the role as Head of Google Marketing Solutions in Ireland.
She leads a team of talented people who partner with Irish SMEs and Irish agencies to help grow their businesses online. Marie holds an MA in International Relations from University College Cork.
 Presentation - Marketing in the Age of Assistance

Today, more and more aspects of our lives are powered by mobile and digital. Looking forward, we can expect this level of empowerment to only grow as technology gets better, and our expectations for getting assistance grow with it. Customers expect to get exactly what they want instantly and effortlessly and not just have their needs met but anticipated. This creates a new opportunity for Marketing in the Age of Assistance.
Lisa Smith 
Founder of Engage Smith & Creator of Generational Index
Lisa Smith is today’s expert in anything to do with Millennials and Gen Z in Europe, she works directly with students, professors and top employers across the world to enhance the experience for both employer and employee. 
A Millennial herself, Lisa encountered first-hand the concerns en route for any given workforce with up to four generations.  

Lisa setup her company after a very successful career in several hi-tech multinational companies where she excelled in her in role introducing successful programs to increase the intergenerational engagement. An authentic message for today’s workforce to create the correct environment for all generations to be successful. 
 Presentation - Understanding how to attract, engage and retain today’s challenges within a changing workforce.

Using her knowledge and processes developed as part of her own solution Generational Index, Lisa will provide insights and direction to guide public sector organisation in the areas of millennial and Gen Z engagement and retention, whether that’s for recruitment or online marketing. 
Chris Adamczyk 
Law Enforcement Intelligence Officer, Mesa Law Enforcement Agency, Arizona
Chris Adamczyk is a 17-year law enforcement veteran from Arizona. In 2008 Chris was tasked with finding ways to integrate real-time social media into protective details, criminal investigations, and natural disaster response. 
Since then Chris has been sent to numerous high-profile events in North America including Super Bowl XLIX, the World Cup of Hockey, and the College Basketball National Championship. 

His real-time crisis response methods have been used to gather information during terror attacks, natural disasters, and geopolitical upheaval. He is the supervisor of his agency's Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Unit and an executive board member of LEIU. 
 Presentation - Crisis Management: Using Social Media to Save Lives

As a veteran police officer Chris has many years of experience in crisis response management. He combines his first-responder and intelligence expertise with social media. In this presentation Chris will outline the blueprint for crisis management with social media as a key tool. He will share with us how to quickly gather and analyse critical information from social media during an active event whether it’s a weather event, terrorist attack, shooting or major disaster. 
Kirsten Connolly 
Assistant National Director, HSE
Kirsten has extensive experience working at the highest levels of public, private and Government sectors to develop and deliver strategic culture and communications programmes. She describes herself as a “change maker, a leader and believer in a team achieving culture change and communications excellence in the health service”. She is the founder of the HSE’s social movement Values in Action.
She holds an MBA from Smurfit Business School, UCD, having been awarded The Irish Times Executive MBA Scholarship in 2013.

She is a Board member of, Ireland’s national youth organisation empowering young people to make positive changes. 
 Presentation - Protecting the Truth and Building Trust Online

As Assistant National Director for Communications, Kirsten is at the front-line of traditional PR and media relations, social media and digital communications. Ireland’s Health Service Executive is Ireland’s largest employer with 108,000 staff and its work is a daily source of news both in traditional media and online. Founder of Values in Action, Kirsten will share the approach to building trust and stakeholder engagement for the HSE by using staff as advocates and building a social movement. She will also share insights into how the HSE brought the HPV vaccine back from the brink by leveraging digital communications. 
Aidan McGrath 
Head of Recruitment, Beaumont Hospital
One of Ireland’s largest University teaching hospitals with over 3,500 staff, Aidan is responsible for recruitment. Previous to Beaumont Hospital, Aidan spent a number of years managing recruitment and outsourced HR services for world leading organisations in both the public and private sector.
At Beaumont Hospital, he is responsible for leading and managing the recruitment, promotions and on-boarding functions as well as implementing the talent acquisition strategy which includes employer branding and other related HR programmes and activities.
 Presentation - Social Recruitment: Talent Sourcing,
Engagement and Hiring

Sharing his award-winning talent acquisition strategy and hiring campaigns, of which social media has been a key ingredient, Aidan has reduced staff nurse vacancy rates at Beaumont Hospital reaching the lowest level in over 15 years. This has enabled the hospital to open additional capacity wards and support the flow of patients through the Hospital and overall outcome being a sharp reduction of the number of patients on trolleys in comparison to previous years.
Sharon Campbell 
Deputy Head of Communications, Trinity College Dublin
As Deputy Head of Communications Sharon is responsible for Trinity’s corporate Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat accounts. She also develops the university’s social media strategy and associate activities. In 2017, she hosted #TrinityisSocial, putting a sharp focus on the role of social media in campus-wide communications, both internally and externally. Sharon also heads up events managing the promotion of strategic and university-wide activities.
 Presentation - How #TrinityisSocial 

Consider how you might marry the historic and iconic campus of Trinity with millennial marketing and leveraging digital communications? Sharon will share how she found the perfect blend of social media messaging to engage younger audiences while maintaining the authentic voice of Trinity online. She will also share her approach to encouraging the staff to embrace social media while understanding its value in their overall communications strategy.
Dr Aileen McGloin 
Interim Director of Marketing and Communications, safefood
Combining a background in food, health and behaviour change with experience in PR, marketing and digital communications, Aileen has lead safefood's digital communications since 2010. Her role is to support citizens to change food related behaviours using digital marketing. Aileen recently took up the role of Interim Director of Marketing and Communications within the organisation.

Aileen holds a 1st Class Honors degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Ulster and a PhD in obesity in children. She has 20 years of experience working in research, management and health communication roles across the food industry, public relations, academia and public service.

For the past eight years she has driven digital communications within safefood, leading a cross-directorate team of 10 people. Since 2012, website traffic has increased from approximately 200,000 visits per year to 1.5 million visits per year and on Facebook alone our messages were seen 11 million times in 2016, with evidence of behaviour change for key social marketing campaigns such as Burger Fever and Folic Acid.

She has responsibility for online compliance with policy and legislation, branding, risk management, reputation management and evaluation. She manages safefood’s digital marketing campaigns, most recently winning an ADFX award for our folic acid campaign.
 Presentation - Artificial Intelligence for Consumer Engagement 
How ChefBot Saved Christmas

Sharing insights into their Christmas food safety campaign, with a focus on driving traffic to our Turkey Cooking Time Calculator, Aileen will introduce ChefBot. The success of the campaign certainly helped save Christmas for many households across Ireland and indeed further afield.

Even before the campaign started there were over 2500 visits to the turkey calculator from Canada over the thanksgiving period. These visits were spontaneous and as a result of online searches so safefood knew they had a ‘sticky’ piece of content they needed to leverage. This case study is a true best in class example of how you can marry artificial intelligence with solid messaging and targeting.
Barry Kenny
Corporate Communications Manager, Irish Rail
Barry joined Iarnród Éireann in 1994 and has spent his career with the company in the communications area.
Best known for representing the company in the broadcast and print media, Barry is also responsible for a number of areas including social media policy and development; and liaison with public representatives, as well as media relations.
Barry enjoys travelling the world and has a keen interest in sport and current affairs.
 Presentation - Social Customer Service. Twitter and Storm Emma. 

Storm Emma caused a Twitter storm with customer taking to the social network to express frustration, fear and gratitude in equal measure. With over 100,000 followers, @IrishRail commands a strong social customer service team. 

In this presentation, Barry will share how they approach aggrieved passengers, how Twitter helps in real-time emergencies and what they’ve learned over 10 years on Twitter. 
Cliona Connolly  
Irish Press Officer, EPP Group, EU Parliament 
Cliona is the Irish Press Officer and advisor for the largest political grouping in the European Parliament, the EPP Group. In her role she works with Europe's leading politicians, international and Irish media on a daily basis. 

During her seven years in her current post she has focused on media relations, political strategy and communications, has managed several high-profile events and conferences, and developed highly-successful press and social media campaigns. 

Cliona previously worked as a broadcast journalist as part of an award-winning news team at Shannonside Northern Sound Radio. Prior to that, she was the Editor of the Monaghan Post Newspaper and freelanced for national Irish newspapers. 

Cliona studied Media Studies at the University of Ulster, Coleraine. Originally from Clones, Co Monaghan, Cliona now lives in Brussels. In her spare time, she enjoys reading or watching a good movie, spending time with family and friends and practicing yoga!
 Presentation - Make it Snappy! Brexit from Brussels.

In this presentation, Cliona will explain how she recognised and harnessed the value of Snapchat for storytelling in order to reach a new audience and inform the public about EU news and explain complicated topics with easy-to-understand, interesting, factual and snappy snaps!
Cliona will share her Snapchat Story immediately following the results of the UK’s Brexit Referendum. As Irish Press Officer for the EPP Group and Fine Gael MEPs in the EU Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg, Cliona understood the significance of the result for her key audiences – political observers, journalists, Irish citizens and of course Irish FG MEPs. Leveraging Snapchat she communicated what she knew about the impact of that historic vote. What transpired was a high level of engagement from younger journalists and also a case study demonstrating how the most complex issues can be communicated in real time leveraging Stories.

Laura Ryan
Head of Marketing and Communications at Limerick City and County Council
Laura is a highly experienced marketing and communications professional. She heads up the Office of Marketing and Communications at Limerick City and County Council with responsibility for corporate communications.
She has management experience in a number of organisations across a variety of disciplines including corporate communications; crisis communications; internal communications; media relations; marketing; social media marketing and policy development.

Laura is a former journalist with experience in local, national print, broadcast-television media, namely TV3 Ireland.
 Presentation - Local Government Goes Social

In this presentation Laura will showcase the impact integrated digital communications has had on Limerick City and County Council. was named in the top 25 best tourism websites in the world by US-based travel media website, It is the single biggest online portal by any Council in Ireland. 
Ray McMonagle
Firefighter and Paramedic, Dublin Fire Brigade
Ray is a serving firefighter and paramedic with 14 years’ experience with Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) and over 20 years in emergency and rescue services. 

He has worked in the Eastern Regional Control Centre for two years taking 999 calls and despatching resources for the Leinster region. 

He is currently attached to Tallaght Fire Station and for the past four years has been involved in digital communications with DFB. Ray is involved in content creation, policy making and research and development. 
 Presentation - Social Media in the Emergency Services

Social Media is proving itself to become an invaluable tool for a modern fire and ambulance service. We will explain how we approach our social media use in emergency and non-emergency situations and, how we use Prevent, Inform and Promote as our core values. 

We will show how we use social intelligence to assist in fire and rescue operations, investigations and training. But perhaps most importantly, how we use social media to connect with the community.
Paul O’Kane
Chief Communications Officer, daa
Paul is a communications professional with 27 years' experience in corporate communications and national newspapers.

Since 2009, Paul has been Chief Communications Officer at daa, the company that operates Dublin and Cork airports, global travel retailer ARI and the airport management business daa International.
Paul has responsibility for external and internal communications at daa, as well as Dublin Airport’s award-winning social media accounts. He’s always loved a good story.
 Presentation - It’s All About Engagement

Dublin Airport has used social media to humanise the airport and to bring its stories to a much wider audience. Paul will share the airport’s six rules for generating social media engagement, detail how @DublinAirport has built a Twitter following of more than 280,000 followers over the past seven years, and explain how it uses social to communicate effectively during crisis events such as Storm Emma. 
Sinéad Coyne
Communications Manager, Marine Institute and SeaFest
Working alongside the Communications team at the Marine Institute and various stakeholder groups, Sinéad is responsible for developing and managing the marketing and communications activities for SeaFest, Ireland’s largest maritime festival.
With over 20 years’ experience in communications and event management, Sinéad is currently Corporate Communications Manager for the Marine Institute and provides a full range of communications services across the entire Institute including strategy development, strategic communications counsel, media relations, external and internal communications, event management, digital marketing, web and brand management.
Prior to joining the Marine Institute, Sinéad spent over 12 years in DIT, where she was responsible for managing the diverse public relations, communications and marketing activities of Ireland’s largest higher-level educational institute.
Sinéad holds a first-class Masters in Public Relations, a BA in Media & Communications and a Level 8 Executive Diploma in Digital Marketing.

 Presentation - Event Marketing in the Digital
Age | SeaFest: 100,000 reasons to transform digitally

Celebrating our seas and engaging people on the theme of Ireland's ocean wealth was the motivation to launch SeaFest four years ago. An immersive summer marine festival in Galway, it attracts over 100,000 people over three days at Galway's harbour. Communications Manager, Sinead Coyne steered the event online in recent years. She will present how online conversations and a mix of traditional and digital communications allows the organisers to engage with audiences all year round. A dedicated app, website, social networks and online PR, the 100,000-event footprint was multiplied many times over with online marketing. 
Andrew McLindon
Director of Communications, An Garda Síochána.
Andrew is a former journalist, public relations consultant, and PR and Marketing manager.

As Director of Communications, his main role is to advise the Garda Commissioner and senior Garda management on a range of issues including communications strategy, media relations and policy, social and digital media, and internal communications. Since his appointment in 2013, An Garda Síochána has gained the biggest social media following in the public sector and won a number of awards for its social media strategy.

Andrew was previously PR & Marketing Manager in Bus Éireann from 2008 to 2013 where he acted as the company's main spokesperson and oversaw the implementation of national PR and marketing campaigns including the company's award-winning digital and social media activities. Prior to this, Andrew worked for five years as a corporate PR consultant working with some of the country's largest companies. Before moving into public relations, he was a business and technology journalist and editor for close to ten years. 

 Presentation - The Value of a Social Media Strategy 

Social media is an incredibly powerful communications channel, but has major risks. Having a social media strategy for your organisation can increase the effectiveness of your social media activity, while reducing risks. 

Social media brings unique challenges for public sector bodies. Having a clearly thought through social media strategy enables public sector bodies to navigate through the social media minefield to deliver interesting and engaging content that is of benefit to the public and the organisation.  

Andrew McLindon will outline how An Garda Síochána’s social media strategy has seen it develop the biggest social media following in the public sector.  

Simon Swan
Digital Marketing & Transformation, UK Met Office
Simon is a highly experienced digital marketing professional building strategies and leading out on the digital transformation of organisations. He previously worked in the private sector for Carphone Warehouse and More recently for the Met Office he created an advertising strategy and launched their digital strategy. He now works across the organisation to upskill and educate through their own Digital Academy.
 Presentation - The Highs and Lows of Digital Transformation

In this presentation Simon will share his strategy which delivered a 30% growth in visit traffic through a combination of acquisition tactics focused on SEO, content, social and syndication and how they also grew market share from 17% to 30%. 

He will also cover key topics around Digital Transformation such as: 
- Requiring a shift in culture and mindset
- The opportunities for digital organisation-wide 
- The key role of content marketing 
- Competing against the private sector and other interests
Vicky Newman
Campaigns Manager, Cabinet Office, NI Executive 
With a background in design and marketing, Vicky Newman has been working in Public Sector Communications for over ten years. She specialises in digital communication and low or no budget campaigns. She has worked for the Northern Ireland Housing Executive, the Department for the Economy and the Cabinet Office.

Presentation Title: Promoting the #PeaceDividend
Presentation Description:

Faced with the challenge of creating a campaign to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement with no budget and tight deadlines, Vicky Newman explains how she created highly shareable infographic and video content using tools like Canva, iMovie and Powerpoint to produce a powerful campaign with a reach of over 160,000. 
News and Media Panel 
The Changing Face of News 
How do we Engage Journalists and the Public in the Disruptive Age? 
This highly experienced panel will discuss the changing face of news in the Digital Age. 
Juliette Gash  
Senior News Reporter, Today FM & Newstalk
Juliette is a Senior News Reporter with Communicorp Group of Stations including Today FM and Newstalk. She covers topics right across the spectrum from elections to industrial relations, terrorism to tourism. In her first year as senior reporter, Juliette had the opportunity to travel extensively around Ireland and abroad, and covered the terror attacks in Paris in November 2014.

She is a New York Festivals Radio Award winner, for her coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon in 2015. She’s also a regular contributor to Ireland AM and the Tonight Show on TV3. She’s also worked with Oireachtas TV covering Budget 2017 and 2018 and was MC of the University of Limerick Alumni Awards 2016/17.
Panel Member   
Colm Hayes  
Programme Director, Breakfast Show Host, Radio Nova
Colm Hayes is Radio Nova’s Breakfast Show host, teaming up with TV star Lucy Kennedy in their recently launched show. Colm is a highly experienced radio and TV producer, script writer, voice-over artist and independent radio consultant. He is also an ambassador for Cycle Against Suicide. 

Panel Member   
Michelle Hennessy
Senior Reporter, The
Michelle has worked at for the last five years, most recently in the role of Senior Reporter. She has focused, in particular, on areas including crime, industrial relations, politics and health.

Michelle also worked for two years in television for both France 24 and the Xinhua News Agency's CNC World before her time at
Panel Member   
Martina Byrne
CEO, Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII)
Dr Martina Byrne is Chief Executive of the Public Relations Institute of Ireland (PRII) and the Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA). 

Martina brings experience of over 20 years in all aspects of the communications profession, working with international and national organisations, in the private and public sectors. One of her areas of special interest and work is public information campaigns, having delivered award-winning campaigns for Dublin City Council, and the HSE, among others. 
Martina also has over 10 years’ experience in research and education and was awarded a PhD (Sociology) in Trinity College Dublin in 2014. She has also lectured on the PRII’s Diploma in Public Relations and delivered CPD training for PR professionals.
In 2004, she was awarded a PRII Fellowship in recognition of her contribution to the profession.
Panel Member  
Doug Keatinge
Director of Murray Consultants
Doug is a highly experienced communications specialist, formerly head of investor relations for Digicel, consultant with the UN and communications manager with Oxfam. He had a successful business broadcast journalism career with RTE and Bloomberg News.

Doug specialises in media relations, financial communications, and presentation training. He is a core member of Murray’s corporate and financial PR practice, supporting several of Ireland’s leading PLCs. 
Panel Member  
Laura Byrne
Poducer, presenter of The Storyful Podcast at Storyful
Storyful is a social insights and content company that combines world-class journalism, proprietary technology and unique access to data to find valuable insights and content for media and brand partners. Our expertise allows us to contextualize and verify data to find what’s real, what’s relevant and what’s valuable for our partners. We help partners protect their brand reputation, understand their audience, create targeted content, and inform their messaging and strategy.

Founded as the first social news agency by Irish journalists, Storyful was created out of the need to break the news faster and utilize social content to add context around the stories being told by journalists. Acquired by News Corp in 2013, Storyful has evolved into a premium service for media, marketing and communications. We are the leaders in social contextualization and verification.
  •  Emergency response management
  •  Defending the truth in the era of fake news
  •  Digital transformation
  •  The role of social media in public interest messaging
  •  Managing a PR crisis online 
  •  Social and live video
  •  Online communities
  •  Social customer service
  •  Social recruitment
  •  The disruption of news and media
  •  Marketing automation
  •  The role of mobile in digital communications
  •  Engaging younger audiences
  •  Influencer marketing
  •  Artificial intelligence, virtual reality and machine learning

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The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit will blend digital and social trends with the needs of marketing and communications professionals working for Government agencies, in political parties and in policing. 

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