Hello and welcome to episode 84 of the Public Sector Marketing Show. 

 In this episode, I provide a new way of tackling mis-information.  

Coming up in episode #84:

  • ✍️ Column: What is fact-checking communications?
  • 💬 Consulting:  Learn from some of the world’s most prominent organisations producing fact-check content
  • 🎙️ Interview:  Leda Letra, Communications Consultant   

Column | What is fact-checking communications?

Essentially, it is correcting the public record when misinformation is spreading. When I worked as a broadcast journalist in radio 20 years ago, sometimes we would have individuals or organizations call into the newsroom to challenge the accuracy of the story, and that's important. And if we were incorrect, then we would correct the record. It's really important from a government and public sector standpoint that you are seen to lead from the front and correct the public record, especially in the digital age and especially on the internet. So step into a new approach to tackling misinformation, and that's called fact checking Communications.

Consulting | Learn from some of the world’s most prominent organisations producing fact-check content

  • ✅ United Nations - They have 817 and a half thousand subscribers to their fast facts from the UN LinkedIn newsletter. This is pretty genius. So those subscribers are opting into here from their fact checking newsletter.
  • World Health Organisation - On their website, they have an A to Z library of fact sheets, so you can go into any area of public health from A to Z. You can click in and you see the list of fact sheets.
  • ✅ The Journal.ie - They have been doing fact checking journalism for many years and it's proving very popular. They will investigate what is put out in the public domain, perhaps perception or a position put out by an organization or an individual that gets mainstream media attention or that gets viral social media attention. They will fact check it and they will do what's called explainer journalism on it, and they will tell us the ABCs and the one two threes of that story.

Interview |  Leda Letra, Communications Consultant

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