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It’s no longer enough to deliver Government and public sector how you want to deliver it, you need to be open and transparent and meet public expectations.

This episode, number 5 of the Public Sector Marketing Show, is inspired by former US President Barack Obama.

Coming up on the show:

  • > Why digital has disrupted everything we once knew about communications
  • > The death of the press release or is it?
  • > How to develop a digital communications plan for open and transparent public service delivery
  • > I speak to Tom Cochran who tells us what we can learn from President Obama’s administration
  • > Read my article published in Open Access Government in the UK




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Joanne’s Column

How to structure a digital communications plan which promotes openness and transparency

In today’s column I outline how to structure a digital communications plan which promotes openness and transparency.

To get you in the right mindset, ask yourself (or go find out):

What percentage of our communications is digital V traditional?

Right now in an Irish context, 80% of the population get their news from an online source.

I’d really like your opinion on this topic. Tweet me your views to @JSTweetsDigital.

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Content is Hidden

The common denominator that I see when I’m asked to put together a digital marketing plan is the invisibility of content.

Subject matter expert content is not publicly available. I’m not saying it’s deliberately being hidden, but it’s not hitting a digital platform because of internal road blocks, an inability to repurpose for digital or a lack of systems and processes to reach the right person managing digital communications.

Interview with Tom Cochran

Tom Cochran is a digital transformation consultant and executive keynote speaker with nearly two decades of experience. He's currently a partner and the Chief Growth Officer at 720 Strategies, a DC-based strategic communications firm.

He spent over four years in the Obama administration as a presidential appointee and digital leader helping advance the President’s open government directive.

He currently speaks to international audiences about his experiences to help differentiate digital from IT, gain competitive advantage through emerging technologies, and embrace a "digital-first" culture.

At the White House, he ran digital technology powering to amplify President Obama’s message, and led the team that built the 'We the People' petitions platform. At the U.S. Department of State, he restructured his office of 140 people into three offices, which ran global public diplomacy platforms for the U.S. Department of State. Their emphasis was on digital modernization, a cloud-first approach, and the power of relationships and networks to advance U.S. foreign policy abroad.

You can connect with Tom on Linkedin or follow him on Twitter at @tommer.




Read my article on Open Access Government on How government and public sector can win at social media for public good.

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