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Events have gone online but a year into coronavirus, we are trying to come up with innovative ways to engage a Zoom-fatigued public. So in this show, I’m going to share creative and innovative ways to host virtual events.

Coming up on the show:

  • > Why virtual events deliver a great return on your digital marketing efforts
  • > 12 virtual event ideas for government and public sector
  • > My top virtual event tools
  • > Sign up for the 2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit, which is going online for the first time
  • > I speak to the events and social media team from the EPP Group in the European Parliament who have transformed their in-person events into virtual and hybrid get-togethers!

If you want to be inspired ahead of your next online event, then stay tuned!

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Joanne’s Column | Embrace Virtual Events Drive Digital Marketing Results

In today’s column, I’m advocating for virtual events because they deliver a great return on your digital marketing efforts and align with corporate and communications goals.

Let’s start with the reasons you should transform your in-person meetings into virtual events to drive digital marketing results.

There’s something very special about human connection. But COVID-19 took that away from us as social distancing became the norm. So we had to pivot and re-think our approach to meetings and events.

Virtual events cannot replace the feeling of meeting people in person. However, virtual events provide a wonderful opportunity to get remarkable digital marketing results. Here’s how:

  • > Virtual events create momentum and buzz for your organisation
  • > By their very nature you need a promotional lead-up time
  • > It brings like-minded people together
  • > It gives you a platform to speak to people
  • > You have the opportunity to showcase your organisation as a trusted and expert source
  • > It provides transparency when you open it up to the public

Virtual events also help to meet specific organisational goals. Read more below.

Have you hosted a virtual event recently? Let me know why it was successful.

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12 Virtual Event Ideas & Top Tools

Now that you have decided to host a virtual event, it’s time to decide on what type of online event to organise. Here are some great ideas that I have compiled for you linked to digital marketing objectives.

Objective ​​​​​​                                                                           Virtual Event

1. Generate awareness of a topic, cause, policy​            Webinar ​​​
2. Get public feedback ​​​​                                                      Virtual public consultation
3. Showcase results (study, survey, report)​​                  Livestream
4. Launch (a new service, report, facility)​​                     Livestream launch
5. Peer-to-peer ​​​​​                                                                   Virtual networking  
6. Internal communications ​​​                                           Team building  
7. Public relations ​​​​​                                                             Simulcast press conference
8. Procurement outreach ​​​​                                                Trade show sessions
9. Training for staff ​​​​                                                          Digital academy
10. External meeting with stakeholders​​                       Fireside chat
11. Internal meeting                                                        ​​​  Office hours
12. Celebration  ​​​​​                                                                 Virtual awards / graduation
Here are my favourite virtual event tools that I use every week in my business to help bring my digital communications to a new level.v
1. Zoom > to delivering live training
2. Streamyard > to stream live on Facebook with a branded studio and the ability to bring viewers comments and questions live on screen
3. Ecamm Live > to simulcast our monthly Social Media News show in our Facebook Group and on YouTube
4. Streamdeck > set up of my show scenes on Ecamm Live
5. > schedule my simulcast on Facebook and YouTube
6. > repurpose audio content into video content and automatically published on Facebook and YouTube
7. Kartra > membership and learning management system for my online courses
8. Canva > to brand my studio and promotional material
9. Wavve > turn audio content into audiograms
10. Rev > sub-titles for videos and transcriptions for blog and social media post content
11. Google Meet > meetings and live workshops as part of my work with Google’s Digital Academy
12. Microsoft Teams > meeting with public sector clients
13. Loom > record tutorial videos that I play in my online training sessions
14. Soapbox Chrome Extension > screen record tutorial videos but with branding
15. Capitavate.FM > host, syndicate, brand and market my podcast and view analytics
16. Social networks > going live natively on each individual social network i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn
17. Splasheo > repurpose branded epic videos from livestreams / shows
18. Sound to Light > the studio in Galway, Ireland where I record the Public Sector Marketing Show

In this episode I speak to Fiona Kearns, Projects and Events Coordinator and Celina Kremer Social Media Coordinator with the EPP Group in the European Parliament.

Both Fiona and Celina are graduates of Public Sector Marketing Institute having graduated from the Diploma in Digital Marketing for Government and Public Sector last year. They’ve used their learning and applied it to their day jobs. 

The Group of the European People’s Party (EPP Group) is the largest and oldest group in the European Parliament. They represent 175 MEPs from 27 Member States. They also have a significant staff of press advisors and parliamentary assistants within the Communications Department

In this interview, Fiona and Celina share valuable insights into a range of virtual events they have hosted over the past year to help give their MEPs a platform as well as showcasing the policy positions and priorities of the EPP Group.

Their examples also teach us how to niche down on topics to get greater online engagement.

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2021 Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

It’s coming back, but this year we are hosting the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit online. Scheduled for September, get on our waitlist to be the first to know about the 2021 dates!



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