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If you’ve landed on this page then you are most likely a government or public sector marketing professional.

Perhaps website management, social media or digital marketing has been added to your workload. You may be new to it or working hard to improve your skills and knowledge. Either way you are in the right place and you are very welcome!

We regularly host free 60-minute webinars to help reduce overwhelm and demystify the online world so register today.

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About Joanne

Joanne Sweeney is CEO of Public Sector Marketing Institute and is a specialist trainer and consultant in public sector digital marketing. A two-time author, her latest book Public Sector Marketing Pro was named one of the Best PR Books of 2020 by Book Authority.

Joanne is the host of the Public Sector Marketing Show podcast and weekly show. She was named Ireland’s best online social media trainer of 2021 by EU Business News.

She trains public sector and government pros across the world on how to master communications in the Digital Age. Joanne has developed and accredited signature online courses in Social Media, Digital Marketing and Digital Crisis Communications.

On-Demand Webinars

LinkedIn for Leaders Webinar

LinkedIn for Leaders in the Public Sector


LinkedIn has the potential to grow influence in your realm of expertise. Public Sector Pros should be leveraging their personal profile for professional gain. Watch this webinar to learn how to lead on LinkedIn.

Grow Remote Webinar - Facebook+LinkedIn

Making a Case for Remote Working in Government & Public Sector


Join us live as we discuss remote working policies for Government and Public Sector with Joanne Mangan, Employer Lead of Grow Remote.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy Webinar

How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy


What if you could create a solid content marketing strategy in 30 minutes? In this webinar, Joanne will guide you through her template content plan and content repurposing method.

A Digital PR Strategy for Public Sector Webinar

A Digital PR Strategy for Public Sector


News and public relations have transformed as citizens now consume information across multiple channels and devices. In this webinar, learn how to build an engaged audience that will turns to you as a trusted source.

2022 Social Media Trends Webinar

2022 Social Media Trends for Public Sector Pros


Two years on from COVID-19 how has social media transformed? What strategies do you need to put in place this year? In this webinar you will to learn how to prepare for the next 12 months.

New Rules of Marketing Webinar

The New Rules of Marketing for Public Sector


COVID-19 has disrupted public sector marketing and communications. The transformation from offline to online is well and truly advanced. In this webinar, we share with you how to rethink your marketing.

PSMI Webinars - FacebookLinkedIn (1)

Accessibility Best Practice for Digital Communications


In this webinar, Gareth Crossan discusses what accessibility best practice is, why we do it, how we do it, and the steps involved in making digital content and experiences inclusive.

PSMI Webinars - FacebookLinkedIn

Podcasting for Public Sector


In this free webinar, Joanne shares the podcasting method she has developed over six years of podcasting, plus as a former broadcast journalist.


Transform your skills, knowledge, confidence and career

Practical courses to teach you skills, tools and strategies for success.

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Professional Diploma in Social Media for Government & Public Sector

This accredited course provides you with the opportunity to gain an industry-standard qualification applicable to your day job and a learning environment to suit your lifestyle.

DM Diploma Icon

Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing for Government & Public Sector

This accredited course puts a laser sharp focus on public interest messaging, online reputation and influencing public opinion. You will also become an expert in all of the social networks.

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Certificate in Digital Crisis Communications

This accredited course is aimed at senior leaders, managers, communications and marketing professionals that need to confidently and competently communicate with citizens online.

Accredited CPD Badge 2022-2024

Our online courses are accredited by the CPD Standards Office and is recognised in 22 countries worldwide.

Upon successful completion of our course modules and assignments, you will become a Certified Digital Marketing Specialist of the Public Sector Marketing Institute (PSMI). The PSMI is globally recognised as the leader in digital marketing topics for government and public sector with courses designed and developed by practising digital marketing professionals and subject matter experts in local, national and international government, politics, public affairs and public policy.

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