Thumbnail Why governments need to prepare a COVID 19 communications strategy now

I want to share with you why and how Governments and public sector agencies should be preparing their Covid-19 vaccine communication strategy right now. 


So what happens when we finally get a vaccine that is going to protect the nations across the world from coronavirus?


It's up to our governments and our public health services, and other agencies to convince their populations that taking a Covid-19 vaccine is the right thing to do. It's about time now, that governments began thinking about how that communication strategy might unfold, because the wait for a vaccine, is one that is long and highly anticipated. 


But what happens to populations and to citizens who choose to take up the vaccine? 

And then you have other people in society who choose not to. 


Are we still then going to have to live with Covid-19? 


This is why communications in the digital age is absolutely vital. 


We already know that the anti-vaxx movement is alive and well, and they will be the first proponents, in my opinion, to suggest that we don't take the Covid-19 vaccine. 


So here are my top tips into what Government and public health agencies can do to start planning for a Covid-19 vaccine communications plan. 



1 - Trust

You've got to understand that any vaccine comes in the premise that the people trust the pharmaceutical interventions that it's going to give us. 

And you have to understand that that trust must come from the Governments and the public health agencies, who are proposing and suggesting that we take any approved vaccine. 

Trust is built on a flow of open communications, and largely now online. 


You're going to have to conduct an audit of your social media platforms, and really ask yourself; 

'Are we engaged in open and transparent social media communications?' 


2 - Long-form content 

Consumers right now, those of us who are buying products online, actually are interested in long-form content. 

We want to know what we're getting, and we want to research it. 

And of course we can because we have search engines, and we have social networks. 


So governments and public health agencies have to ask themselves; 

'Are we producing enough, relevant, long-form content, that's going to resonate with an informed, and digitally engaged population?' 

'Is that information discoverable?' 

And, 'Do we have maximum share of social voice? Are we being influential?' 


3 - Multimedia Content

It's vitally important that Governments produce lots of multimedia type content. 

So that is content that can be shared easily, accessed by everyone, and available in multiple formats, right across web, and social media.


It's about time that you began to up-skill your team, as opposed to outsourcing your story. 


If we all want to live in a Covid free world. 

If we want to get back to interacting with friends and families. 

Going to work in the office, and not staying at home. 

Then we are really dependent not only on the pharmaceutical companies, who are going to come up with a cure for Covid19, we are actually reliant on our Government and public sector agencies, whose job it is to convince the public that an approved vaccine is the road to take.


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