Social media is the number one topic that public sector pros want to discuss with me. 

From how to develop a strategy to how to manage a crisis and everything in between. 

So, it got me thinking about how and why public sector agencies with robust plans and skilled teams are excelling in their communications. 

In this show I’m making a case for social media as a superpower to drive public awareness, engage niche audiences while empowering citizens to take a course of action based on trusted information. 

Coming up in the show: 

  • > Why some public sector agencies have this superpower, and others don’t!  
  • > How to get your social media superpowers charging on all cylinders   
  • > I speak to Christine Townsend, President of PIO Toolkit who recognised the struggles of public information officers in the United States in dealing with social media communications

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Column | Why some public sector agencies have this superpower, and others don’t!

It’s simple. Mindset and a willingness to fully embrace social media. 

A fully resourced and skilled team with specialist skills. 

An understanding to in-source social media and not always out-sourcing it

Identifying best practice in your sector and modelling best practice tactics. 

Being brave with content and humanising your agency.

Column | How to get your social media superpowers activated

What if I told you that in 6 months your social media could be transformed and your metrics increased by at least 20%?

While everyone is looking for the secret sauce of social media success, there are a few simple tactics. 

  1. Consistency 
  2. Creativity and content format
  3. Conversation 
  4. Collaboration

Interview with Christine Townsend

Christine Townsend is President of PIO Toolkit.

Christine has over 15 years experience in crisis and emergency communication as well as shaping the digital policing narrative in the UK.

As one of the founding teams to bring social to the public sector, Christine has trained emergency services and government agencies across the world in how to engage with the public through digital channels.

With previous experience as a journalist and then in police communications, Christine has worked to bridge the gap between public and police through better communication. Her experiences have included large scale events such as the London 2012 Olympics, the funeral of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and financial scandals, riots and the handling of historic sex abuse cases.

Now based in the US, Christine set up PIO Toolkit to provide resources, support and learning through a community of professional communicators. Christine is also responsible for the North American content of Policing Insight ( Having served for ten years as a police officer, receiving a medal for Good Conduct and Long Service, she is passionate about combining her experiences in communication and law enforcement to support those who work in the challenging yet rewarding area of public sector communication.


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