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The Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit is approaching fast. And we’re really excited over here at Summit HQ.

We know that our event on June 12th in The Helix on the campus of Dublin City University will provide you with all of the insights and inspiration you could need to build on the digital transformation that’s starting to take place in your public sector workplace. Social media and digital communications is a fundamental pillar of your communications strategy, so whether you are ramping up or only getting started, this event will provide you with frameworks, insights and ideas to take your work to the next level.

The only gig in town for public sector marketing professionals

Public Sector Digital Conference. Iain White - Fennell Photography

Sharon Campbell, Trinity College Dublin & Joanne Sweeney launch Ireland's the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit

And if you’re a senior decision-maker or manager, or if you’re working in marketing, PR or communications in the public sector, then this is the only gig in town for you.



Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit, Dublin 2018 Wrap Video from Joanne Sweeney on Vimeo.



This year I've decided to add in a number of new features to the Summit.

Meet our Social Media Correspondent May King Tsang. She will be live Tweeting, Facebooking and Instagramming from our official accounts. Follow the hashtag across all social networks to stay updated. We will also be retweeting your social snacks so don't forget to use the event hashtag! #PublicSectorDMS

May King Tsang is a Professional Live Tweeter, hired to live tweet at conferences, exhibitions and festivals on behalf of her clients. She has live tweeted many conferences, workshops and festivals in various cities in the UK and Australia, helping some of her clients’ hashtags trend in the region, and respective country. As well as live tweeting, May King has conducted interviews with speakers and attendees and has even been known to live tweet whilst being on speaker’s panels talking about Social Media!

May King is her first name and you can find her on tweeting at @maykingtea.

But if you don’t think that’s enough of a compelling reason to attend the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit, here are 11 more equally convincing ones :

1. Understand the role of digital transformation in the public sector

Get to the bottom of what digital transformation means, why you can’t avoid its impact, and how you can exploit it your advantage. This will happen through keynote speeches, panel discussions, case studies and by talking to tech experts who can bring you through the best software for your institution.

Get to the bottom of what digital transformation means for your workplace through keynote speeches, panel discussion, case studies and more #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

2. Learn insights from peer case studies

Learn valuable insights from pioneers of digital transformation that’s happening right now in workplaces like yours. From the PSNI and HSE to the University of Limerick, Donegal ETB and the Office of Public Works, you’ll hear how leaders in this area are conquering their online and social media challenges.

Learn valuable insights from the pioneers of digital transformation in the public sector. See them on 14th June #PublicSectorDMS.Click To Tweet

3. Discover what’s on trend from digital marketing experts

Hear from those in the know about what’s new in online marketing, or which social media platforms are taking the world by storm. Knowing what’s on trend could save your department thousands of euro in media bookings and help you target your audience more effectively.

Learn about all the hottest digital marketing trends in town at the not-to-be-missed #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

4. Learn which digital platforms work best for your Government agency

Should your department use Facebook? What about Twitter? Or would Instagram Stories land personalised content much better? You’ll learn how to choose the right platform for the right audience with the right message at the right time.

Discover how to tailor the right digital platform to the right audience with the right message at the right time #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

5. Network with like-minded professionals

It’s good to talk and we’ll always learn more from relatable human stories than from cold hard stats. So why not chat to your peers about their own challenges and success stories regarding digital transformation? We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun doing it in the process

Have fun networking with like-minded and knowledgeable peers on 14th June #PublicSectorDMS

6. Explore digital trends for public sector communications

See how other public institutions in Ireland and around the world are approaching their digital strategy and developing successful campaigns.

See what the best of the rest are getting up to with their digital transformation strategies #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

7. Generate ideas on how to approach digital transformation within your organisation.

Be inspired by taking all those insights and learnings back to your office and apply them to your current communications plan. Where can you improve it and how can you use digital strategies to make it more efficient and effective? We know you’ll end up with lots of great ideas!

Bring so many insights and learnings back to your office from the Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit and turn them into ideas that work for your organisation.Click To Tweet

8. Gain insights in digital age consumer behaviour

You need to understand your public to communicate effectively to them. So here, you’ll get a better sense of who’s engaging with which platform, and how that could all change in the not too distant future.

Understand how the public like to be communicated to and why digital natives matter #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

9. Walk away with clear ideas on how to move forward digital transformation

Have you got some ideas already, but you’re unsure if they’re the right approach? You’ll be able to develop them here or conceive lots of new ones by hearing form our speakers, talking with your peers or being inspired by the case studies.

Evolve and clarify your approach to bringing about a digital transformation in your workplace #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

10. Benchmark your organisation's digital communications against best in class

Think you’re already well on your way with digital. We hope so, but it’s no harm finding out what everyone else is doing and getting a true sense of just what good looks like.

Discover what good looks like when it comes to digital transformation in your organisation on 12th June #PublicSectorDMSClick To Tweet

#11 Get a FREE Copy of my new book - Public Sector Marketing Pro

All attendees at this year's Public Sector Digital Marketing Summit will get a copy of my new book - Public Sector Marketing Pro.

Public Sector Marketing Pro Book

Join the conversation and Tweet or Instagram using our Summit hashtag #PublicSectorDMS

Convinced yet?

We’d love to see you there so you can fully appreciate the knowledge, desire and passion for digitally transforming the public sector.

We know that you can only be inspired over these action-packed couple of days.

So, what are you waiting for?

Come and join us by booking your place today. Benefit from our Two Ticket Saver with 33% off for two people. Pay €395 instead of €495.

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