5 Features of Adobe Firefly x Express

The AI revolution is here, and digital marketing is one of many disciplines where I believe AI is going to be hugely helpful and transformative. Our job as communications professionals is to be at the front of the queue, ready and waiting to test new AI technologies and discover what opportunities it represents for improving efficiencies within our marketing teams and streamlining our content creation processes.


Exploring generative AI

Adobe is continuously ramping up their technological and AI advancements, and as Adobe Express Ambassadors, we were granted early access to the new and improved Adobe Express (Beta) which now has generative AI functionality integrated directly into the platform. Here are features of Adobe Firefly x Adobe Express that will give you a clear sense of how you might use this tool to take your content creation efforts to the next level.


1. The power of prompt – generating images from text

AI art generators work similarly to other types of artificial intelligence. They use the machine learning model, which is a subset of AI. In the case of Adobe Express (Beta), one can easily generate imagery from text, whereby you describe the image that you are wanting to create, and it will generate it for you within a matter of seconds. It can generate imagery that will bring your content to life at scale and at an incredible speed. Adobe Express (Beta) also includes the Text Effect tool which allows one to add effects to text. The one-click style effects are a real game-changer and will surely cut down design time significantly.


2. AI for Ideation – jumpstart your visual design projects

The real beauty of AI reveals itself during the ideation phase of creating content. If you are experiencing a creative funk or writer's block, tools such as Adobe Firefly and ChatGPT can be a great source of inspiration as they provide a framework from which to begin.


3. Stand-out imagery at your fingertips – moving away from stock imagery

When playing around with the generative AI tools within Adobe Express (Beta), you will soon come to realize that the imagery that one is able to create has a very different flare to it in comparison to the standard stock imagery supplied by image banks such as Shutterstock. It enables you to create unique content specific graphics that are not available on stock image sites and/or would require organizing a photoshoot or advanced design expertise.


4. An ethical approach to AI

Adobe is putting ethics front and center with its AI products. They have partnered with the Content Authenticity Initiative to ensure that the technology is guided by their AI Ethics principles of accountability, responsibility and transparency.

“AI is transforming the way we create, work and communicate. By taking a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to AI ethics, Adobe is committed to ensuring this technology is developed responsibly and respects our customers and our communities.” — Dana Rao, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Trust Officer


5. Get feedback from your audience – a unique opportunity to gain insights

My number one recommendation when it comes to AI, is to play with it! Test it, share it with your audience and disclose that your images are AI generated and get their feedback.


▶️ AI for Content Creation

Our free ‘AI for Content Creation’ webinar replay is available on-demand. In this webinar, we demo how to use Adobe Express (Beta) to create a graphic using the generative AI functionality – from ideation to final product.



✅ Ready to give AI a try?

Sign up for your free Adobe Express (Beta) account here and discover the world of generative AI for content creation: www.adobe.com/express


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