Welcome to the Age of Insight, when data informs action.

Data driven marketing, data-driven journalism, data-driven storytelling, data-driven insights. Put simply, you can now put data-driven in front of any marketing term and you will be onto a winner. 

In today’s show, I am going to go deep on data and help you understand why you need to be more considered about your 2022 digital communication strategy. 

Stay tuned to hear: 

  • > Why data tells the best stories
  • > How to rocket engagement rates by leaning into insight
  • > What we can learn from Spotify about data driven storytelling 
  • > 7 ways to use your data for storytelling 
  • > I interview a data driven journalist about the changing face of media and PR


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Joanne’s Column: Why data driven storytelling guarantees engagement

Data driven storytelling is based on creating content that is already being sought after by the public. You can uncover this data by looking at a number of data sources: 

  1. Google search terms
  2. Google search trends
  3. Trending hashtags 
  4. Social media trends
  5. Topic-specific spikes
  6. Website landing page traffic spikes 
  7. In-bound calls/emails to your office 

So next time you are planning content for your digital channels, why not deep dive into the data available to you?

Consulting: 7 Ways To Use Data for Storytelling

  1. Listen, Hear and See citizens
  2. Upcycle Most Engaging Content
  3. Produce a Series-Based Content Feature
  4. Improve Own Media Digital Footprint
  5. Document Citizen Stories & Experiences 
  6. Correct the Public and Digital Record 
  7. Monitor and Act on Trends

Interview with Rachel Lavin

In this episode I interview Rachel Lavin, Data Journalist with The Business Post newspaper in Ireland. Rachel is one of very few Data Journalists in the country and she shares insights into her role and how she uses data to create public interest stories. 

We also discuss the value of government and public sector pros sharing more data-driven content in order to offer new perspectives to the public and increase trust and transparency. 

Follow Rachel on Twitter. @RachelLavin



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