I've been working on a case study project for Learning Waves Skillnet, which provides training to Ireland's commercial radio sector. You may not know that this work allows me to combine two of my greatest loves (apart from my children) digital communications + radio.

I started my career in 2001 as a broadcast journalist in Highland Radio in my home county of Donegal after graduating with a Post-Graduate Diploma followed by a Master's Degree in Journalism from NUI, Galway.
But I wanted to draw the comparisons between public sector digital transformation and the changes happening in radio.
Radio is a traditional medium but it has been disrupted by technology, social media, an explosion in smartphone use, and the shift to social audio.
Those expert teams have had to upskill and reorient how they deliver radio and media to the public. I've been working with Teresa Hanratty, Project Manager of the Learning Waves Skillnet to develop digital marketing and social media courses for station staff across Ireland. I think I have worked directly with every station in the country over the past five years.

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So as part of the success of the training programmes that I have delivered in conjunction with Learning Waves Skillnet, I have worked on a series of case studies which I will add in this blog post.
CASE STUDY #1 Showcasing Digital + Social Media in Radio with iRadio 
Click to watch the interview snippet on Facebook. 

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