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An exclusive interview bringing you behind the scenes of social media at the World Health Organisation

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Public Sector Marketing Show!

In this episode we look at social media at the World Health Organisation.

Welcome to the show, a podcast favourite for Government and public sector marketing professionals who want to level-up their digital marketing and social media knowledge, skills and strategic thinking.

In this episode, I discuss social media snobbery and why digital communications isn't yet mainstream in government and public sector organisations. Do you agree with the sentiments in my podcast column this week?

I interview Alexsandra Kuzmanovic, Social Media Manager with the World Health Organisation on how the world's number most viewed organisation right now on social media.

In social media news:

  1. LinkedIn Stories are now available to users in Brazil
  2. Facebook launches a suite of new video tools including group video conferencing
  3. WhatsApp reports a 70% reduction in the sharing of viral messages which may spread misinformation
  • I share my top tool to simulcast The Public Sector Marketing Show video interviews across multiple channels
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I first met Aleksandra Kuzmanovic on Twitter. I was tagged in a Tweet she sent where Dr Mike Ryan, of the World Health Organisation applauded the work of his media and social media team, describing them as the ‘silent heroes’ in the fight against COVID-19.

She followed me back, I DM’d her. told her about my work and this podcast and the rest is Twitter history.

Aleksandra Kuzmanovic has served as Social Media Manager at the World Health Organization (WHO) Headquarters since July 2018.

She is co-managing WHO’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok and Snapchat, supporting WHO top leaders in social media activities, and leading social media-related partnerships including those on fighting COVID-19 misinformation.

She joined WHO in March 2015 and served as Communications Consultant in the Department of Public Health and Environment prior to her current position.

Before I play the interview, I want you to listen to the excerpt from the WHO press conference on April 17 2020 when Dr Mike Ryan paid tribute to the work of his social media team.


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