Today, I’m sharing ideas on how to effectively communicate sustainability – within public sector and to the public. 

COP28, the United Nations Climate Change conference, recently took place in Dubai.

COP28 stands for the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) and it was attended by 70,000 delegates including world leaders, media, NGOs and environmental, public policy, finance and science experts.

But what came out of the conference was another urgent warning and appeal to decision-makers about our growing climate crisis.

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  • ✍️ Column: COP28 Goals, Outcomes & Communications
  • 💬 Consulting: How to Motivate People Toward Sustainability
  • 🎙️ Interview: I speak to Tina O’Dwyer, Founder and CEO of the Tourism Space and Sustainability Expert

Column – COP28 Goals, Outcomes & Communications

Every year, the COP meets to determine ambition and responsibilities for climate action, and to identify and assess climate measures.

This year’s conference is hosted by the United Arab Emirates, which holds the COP28 presidency.

The presidency’s plan of action to deliver on the pillars of the Paris Agreement focuses on four areas:

  • fast-tracking the energy transition
  • fixing climate finance
  • putting nature, people, lives and livelihoods at the heart of climate action
  • underpinning everything with full inclusivity

The main agenda items for COP28 are expected to be:

  • a global stock-take
  • the mitigation work programme
  • the global goal on adaptation
  • climate finance, including financial arrangements for loss and damage

COP28 Communications:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • YouTube 
  • Website 
  • Podcasts
  • Influencer Marketing

Consulting – How to Motivate People Toward Sustainability 

The role of communications in changing public perception and behaviour  

There is so much to do. So many big challenges to overcome. What can one person, one household, one business to that will make a material difference to reversing climate damage?

This really is the key communication message that government and public sector needs to lean into to move the needle. 

Here are some ideas of what to do and not to do!

Greenwashing – activities by a company or organisation that are intended to make people think that it is concerned about the environment, even if its real business hurts the environment. 

Greenwashing Certification – did you know you can actually gain certification against greenwashing? It proves that your business or organisation complies to certain sustainability criteria and that your practices have been verified by an independent certification body. 

Case Studies of Good Practice 

Great communications 

Sustainable marketing is the promotion of responsible products, services, and practices.

Work with partners who don’t adhere to good environmental practice. 

Be a sustainability leader – find out more about this in this week’s big interview! 

Interview | Tina O’Dwyer, Founder and CEO of the Tourism Space and Sustainability Expert 

Tina O’Dwyer is a sustainability expert and helps organisations prioritise sustainability. 

In this conversation, we discuss the role of government and public sector.

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