Are you struggling to produce enough or the right type of digital content that makes an impact?

Do you want to in-source and streamline your content marketing? 

Is the overwhelm of social video taking its toll?

I see you, but I got your back.

I’m excited to share the news that we are Brand Ambassadors for Adobe Express!

What does that mean? Basically, NEW FREE training for you, from me and my team.

Coming up in this week’s show:

  • > The Adobe Express content marketing train has arrived at the public sector pros station, I’ll let you know how you can jump on board! 
  • > The content formats you should be prioritising in your social plans right now

Column | Nobody is reading your PDF! 

Nobody is reading your PDF!

A fascinating new study from The World Bank found that 31% of policy reports were never downloaded and almost 87% were never cited. 

In 2014, World Bank went on a mission to find out how much of its knowledge capital is truly helping solve the world's problems. They found out that over 31% of their policy reports were never downloaded, and almost 87% of policy reports were never cited.

Now you might argue with me that this research is 8 years old, but the counter question I want to put to you is – is your expert knowledge and research buried in PDFs on your website that nobody is reading?

So keep listening and find out how to reincarnate your copy for great citizen engagement!

Consulting | Optimising your digital content

The content formats you should be prioritising right now. Dig out your PDFs and let’s start repurposing. 

What is Adobe Express (what about Adobe Spark?)

Adobe Spark has been replaced by Adobe Express. 

Adobe Express allows you to quickly and easily create graphics, collages, flyers, videos, and animations with access to millions of templates, images, icons, and effects. 

With Adobe Express you can also search and access Adobe Stock photos and Adobe Fonts within the app. 

Other features include new quick actions to remove a background, convert videos to GIFs, merge videos, convert to PDFs, and more.

With a paid Premium Adobe Express membership, you get access to all of the content and features including the entire royalty-free Adobe Stock collection* of photos and premium features.  You also get access to the premium features in the following apps:

  • > Premiere Rush - Shoot, edit, and share videos on mobile and desktop.
  • > Photoshop Express - Edit and retouch images, create collages, and combine photos.
  • > Adobe Spark Video - Quickly create stunning video slideshows.
  • > Adobe Spark Page: Turn words and images into beautiful gliding web pages.


 We have an impressive library of On-Demand webinars for FREE on our website.

All part of our ethos to "Lead with Value" for our community.


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