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Podcasting is now one of the hottest marketing tools available to marketers and its impact is deepening. I am predicting that 2021 will be the year of speech content. So if you are a government or public sector marketing pro and you want to build a tribe invested in your messaging, then keep listening.

In 2021 podcasting is becoming mainstream. 70% of the US population listens to podcasts. Online audio is growing in popularity all over the world. But more than that the social networks are going right into audio this year.

Coming up on the show:

  • > The role of podcasting in your digital marketing strategy
  • > Your podcasting checklist
  • > Find out how to get your podcast top of the charts
  • > I speak to Ruth Rogers and Jane McKimm joint Head of Communications at the Southern Health Trust in Northern Ireland who launched a podcast much to the delight of staff and external audiences



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Joanne's Column

Power of podcasting for public sector and government communications

In today’s column, I want to share my insights on the power of podcasting for public sector and government communications.

  • > Why podcast?
  • > Is the effort worth the results?
  • > What’s involved?

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Your Podcasting Checklist   

In order to kick-start your podcasting efforts, I’m sharing all my tips and tricks as a seasoned podcaster.

#1 Purpose and audience - who is the podcast for and what is its purpose?

#2 Frequency & format - how often will your podcast air and what format will it take, for example, interview-based, solo, or panel discussion. It could be a mix of all three.

#3 Audio & visual branding - you will need a show logo for the podcast platforms, and you will also need branding for your podcast promotion activity on your website and social media, so visual branding is key. But don't forget about audio branding, how will your podcast sound? You will need intro and outro jingles as well as segment jingles, depending on your show format.

#4 Planning & production - a podcast without a plan will not succeed. You need to prepare your show production schedule (I time each minute of my show - it has five key segments) and a show structure. You will also have to think about podcasting editing and getting that final audio file ready to upload to the podcast platforms. You can edit it yourself or you could out-source it.

#5 Hosting & syndication - a podcast needs to be hosted, just like a website. I use Captivate.FM and I love it! This tool will also syndicate your podcast on all possible podcast platforms.

#6 Scheduling, publishing & optimising - make sure your podcast goes out on the same day and at the same time on your schedule, as your listeners will become to expect it. Optimise it with keywords, descriptions, and metadata for discoverability and to help build your audience.

#7 Marketing & promotion - don't forget to market and promote your podcast to grow your audience base. I have a marketing plan for my podcast alone!

#8 Repurposing for greater reach - how can you repurpose your podcast for greater reach, just look at everything I do with mine for great insights!

#9 Analytics - finally review your analytics: downloads, stream, audience location, device, platform.

#10 Ratings and reviews - getting ratings and reviews will help you climb the podcast charts!

Interview with Ruth Rogers & Jane McKimm

In this episode, I interview two seasoned public sector pros that have recently introduced podcasting into their marketing.

Ruth Rogers and Jane McKimm job-share as Head of Communications with the Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland. They share their podcasting story with me from idea to launch and even to introducing a new YouTube channel.

SouthPod Hosts Ruth and Jane with Joanne Sweeney for Podcasts for Public Sector

You can connect with Ruth on LinkedIn



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