Social media for good is powerful. It can transform a crisis into a solution; fear into hope and silence into power. When used from a place of good intent, social media can change lives. 

In today’s show I am sharing a story that epitomises just that.

From Ukraine to Carlow, we hear from a Ukrainian mother who has fled her home with her three daughters while her husband stays to fight for his country on the frontline. 

It’s a story of hope and hopelessness, but one filled with utter resilience and through social media this story is now being shared across Ireland and Ukraine, as Tetiana Pankiv uses social media for good. 

I’m also asking you to join me and let’s use social media for good to share the Sow Now project.

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Column | Using Social Media For Good

Social media can be a place of terrible trolling and negativity but its power is more when used for good. Consider how you can use #SocialMediaForGood when you are online. 

  • > Will you support a charity by sharing their content?
  • > Will you review the source of news before sharing misinformation?
  • > Will you report abuse and trolls?
  • > Will you block abuse?
  • > Will you support others who also use Social Media For Good?

We all have a voice on social media, let’s use it in the right way.

Consulting | The Sow Now Campaign for Ukraine

Buy your Sow Now sunflower seeds for just €5 at your local SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide. All monies raised go to the Irish Red Cross’s Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Please support the Sow Now project on social media and use #SocialMediaForGood

Twitter @ SowNowIreland 

Facebook @sownowireland  

Instagram @ sownowireland

Interview | Jacqui McNabb and Tetiana Pankiv

The sunflower has long been a symbol of pride in Ukraine which is a shell of its former beautiful self since the Russian invasion two months ago. On February 24th a video of a Ukrainian woman went viral as she was pictured handing sunflower seeds to Russian soldiers saying, “Take these seeds so sunflowers grow here when you die.”

Today in Ireland sunflower seeds are being sold in our local shops because Tetiana Pankiv who has sought safety in Tullow, Co. Carlow, wanted to contribute something meaningful and positive to her locality and to the country. 

Along with Jacqui McNabb, who has opened her home to Tetiana and her three daughters,  

I know Jacqui for almost 20 years as we both worked in the Chamber of Commerce movement. Jacquie is Head of Enterprise at Kildare County Council but has taken annual leave to help Tetiana make this idea a fantastic reality and huge success.


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