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What if the risk of not engaging online and on social media with the public was greater than actually doing it?


When John Kerry was secretary of state in the United States, he said;

'Let's get caught trying.' 


In the private sector, risk is measured by the results, by revenue. 

In the public sector risk is measured by, perhaps not getting criticised, or called out, when it comes to digital communications. 


What if we reframed social media for 2021? 

What if we actually said to ourselves, 'We are willing, and we need to step out online in order to win the public trust, in order to demonstrate a transparency, in order to deliver public services the way that the public want and expect them, as opposed to how we want to push the way we work on them’? 



If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that social media has played a pivotal role in getting information out quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Click To Tweet


There is another blog for another day about disinformation, fake news, silos, echo chambers, etc. 


But really strong leadership is needed in 2021. 


We need to see our leaders online. 

We need to hear from them. 


I've been actually studying a few international leaders ahead of my 2021 social media sorted webinar, and you should take it, it's absolutely free! (Click here to find out more)


What I've noticed is, those that are showing real leadership online are, for example, writing their own tweets. 

They are taking the temperature off the public. 

They are going and undertaking media interviews, on tv, on radio, in newspapers, with online media. 

And they've already scanned, and they've had a look at what the public are saying online. 


To dismiss social media is actually to dismiss the voice of the citizen. 

And in 2021, we cannot afford to lose the public. 


We are still battling COVID-19. 

We are still battling in a race to make sure that we can vaccinate entire populations, of entire countries, before the vaccine beats us, and is responsible for any more deaths. 


So why not in 2021 show that leadership? 

Step up and have a look at what conversations you are having online, and what impact they are having on communications and organisational goals. 


If I have learned anything in my 20-year comms career, it's that usually successes are because of great communications, and failures or crisis are as a result of poor communication. 


So get your free seat at the 2021 social media sorted webinar, and ask yourself;


'Is the risk of not engaging this year online greater, than actually stepping out and being confident and competent online?'

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